The mystical film Longfin spotlights the little-known life of an endemic New Zealand freshwater eel and takes you on an epic journey through the life of this intriguing creature. From its beginnings in the dark corners of the ocean to its transition into the river, Longfin follows the eel's journey through a changing land as it encounters dangers its ancestors never faced.

Emerging filmmakers Lindsey Davidson and Melissa Salpietra, weave a modern day allegory of man's relationship with his environment in the context of one eel's 84-year life cycle. Combining DV photography, dramatic narration and detailed underwater filming, Longfin is an evocative piece that conveys the power and the spirit of this mythical creature.


“Deep within an ocean,

a dying breath bears a generation.

A ritual 15 million years old,

amid the darkness,

among the spirit of ancestors,

your story begins….”